Porträt Marc Hauser

Trust Square appoints Marc Hauser as CEO and Daniel Gasteiger as Chair of the Advisory Board

Trust Square, Zurich's premier innovation hub, has announced the appointments of Marc Hauser as CEO and Daniel Gasteiger as Chair of the Advisory Board. The key leadership..

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Trust Square at Bellerivestrasse

Introducing Trust Square Seefeld: Your Dream Office and Event Venue

We are thrilled to announce our latest location, Trust Square Seefeld, situated in the heart of Zurich on the beautiful Bellerivestrasse. If you're on the lookout for office..

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C3 Club Events at Trust Square

Are you passionate about digital assets and the future of cryptocurrency? If so, you won't wish to miss the next C3 event taking place on March 7th at Trust Square. At the first..

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Trust Square Services participates in the European Horizon Project CERTIFY

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming ubiquitous, with countless devices connecting to the Internet daily to gather and process massive amounts of data from the real..

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Cyber Circle #3 Why do key business initiatives fail - using cyber security as an example

Many organizations are built in silos and only selectively empower teams to act horizontally. But there are initiatives that simply cannot follow these rules. Cyber security is..

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Trust Square Supply Chain Think Tank by Peer Consult - About Benchmarking and what is sustainability of the last mile

Yesterday we successfully hosted the 5th session of the Trust Square Supply Chain Think Tank by Peer Consult. 25 experts in Supply Chain met to discuss pressing needs in their day..

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#SBHACK21 - Winner Annoucement TS page

More than 400 people from within the international blockchain community participated in the second Swiss Blockchain Hackathon The second Swiss Blockchain Hackathon took place from..

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SBHACK21 keyvisual

#SBHACK21 has started... you can still join!

Media Release NTN Innovation Booster – Blockchain Nation Switzerland Wednesday, 21 October 2021 #SBHACK21 Hackers are already working on the challenges provided by the partners...

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