Launch of the Trust Square Think Tank

Trust Square Aug 24, 2020 10:00:00 AM
Enhancing resilience in the Supply Chain

A place to initiate cross-industry collaboration. In our technologically advanced and complex environment where no single player has all the answers, innovation often comes from looking at challenges and potential solutions from different perspectives.

The Think Tank will operate as a focus group for experts from different fields on topics of high business relevance to its community. The objective is for new business leads, partnerships and working groups.

Launch focus: Business Resilience during Pandemics 

While this initiative was planned before the coronavirus outbreak, this pandemic is resulting in a new focus to increase the resilience of our societies. Accordingly, we would like to launch the Think Tank in September 2020 with a new series looking at some key lessons from this pandemic and proposals on how to make our businesses and supply chains more resilient.

Think Tank Meeting 1 (16.09.2020):
Enhancing resilience in the Supply Chain

The recent lockdowns resulted in significant supply chain interruptions. In this meeting we focus on how technology could be used to make the supply chain more resilient. 

Keynote 1, Global Supply Chain and Operations Lead, cardiovascular, S&P 100
Keynote 2, VP Supply Chain Management, pharmaceuticals, SIX
Keynote 3, Chief Operating Officer, online supermarket, Swiss Cooperative

Think Tank Meeting 2 (22.10.2020): 
Resilience in the Video Gaming market

Follow-up Meeting (05.11.2020): 
Enhancing resilience in the Supply Chain Part 2


Think Tank Meeting 3 (10.12.2020): 

Enhancing resilience in Mobility


Think Tank Meeting 4 (19.01.2021): 

Enhancing resilience in Retail 

Think Tank Meeting 5 (04.03.2021):
Resilience and Cyber Security

Think Tank Meeting 6 (20.04.2021): 
Liberalisation and decentralisation of the Swiss electricity market 

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