Trust Square Services participates in the European Horizon Project CERTIFY

Trust Square Jan 26, 2023 4:21:05 PM



The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly becoming ubiquitous, with countless devices connecting to the Internet daily to gather and process massive amounts of data from the real world. As exciting as this development is, it also brings enhanced connectivity and its own security issues. IoT devices have been subjected to notorious attacks, leading to an overall decrease in their adoption levels and privacy concerns among consumers and businesses. This necessitates a sound method for IoT security management – one that CERTIFY endeavors to provide.

CERTIFY: aCtive sEcurity foR connecTed devIces liFecYcles AG (now Trust Square Services) is participating in the European project CERTIFY. The project kicked off in October 2022 and will last for 36 months. Led by the University of Murcia, the project involves 13 partners from 8 countries.

At its core, CERTIFY's general ambition is to formulate a sound methodological, technological, and organizational approach toward reliable security assurance during the product design phase and throughout their entire lifecycles afterward. Moreover, it enforces best practices when facing common safety threats. CERTIFY will develop a framework and a set of interoperable tools and methodologies to enable security by design, continuous security assessment and monitoring, and detection and mitigation.

Trust Square Services AG has proven capabilities for realizing solutions using the latest technologies on both hardware and software levels. Within the scope of the CERTIFY initiative, we will develop a secure IoT device that art market participants can use to track and monitor artworks during transportation, storage, and exhibitions; And a platform that uses smart contract-based protocols for managing and recording transactions between art market operators.