Read all about our rebranding into Trust Square Service AG and certificate digitalisation.

Modum is rebranded into Trust Square.

After the exit of the temperature monitoring business last year and after exploring different options, we are happy to announce that we have found a viable business model. In this way, we can continue the value creation for our stakeholders by providing venture services to aspiring companies looking for an experienced team to support their projects and ideas.

To do this successfully, we have rebranded the entity as Trust Square Service AG, and there is no dilutive impact on participation rights. 

You can read what this means for your participation certificates below in our FAQ. 

What is Trust Square?

Trust Square provides a space for innovation to flourish. It connects founders, early-stage ventures, businesses, investors & academics and allows them to pursue their visions in an open, forward-thinking environment. 

Trust Square provides the following services:

Co-working:  From private offices, co-working, and community areas to board, event, and workshop rooms. Trust Square offers top infrastructure in the heart of Zurich.

Innovation Events:  Trust Square runs and hosts various inspiring public event series with a focus on innovation and collaborations

Venture Services/ Studio: Trust Square extends the core team of ventures and provides simple and proven services to free up time, enabling innovators to focus on their team, customers, and products.

How does the 'new' entity Trust Square Service AG fits into Trust Square ?

Trust Square consists of two legal entities with different risk profiles. Trust Square Ecosystem AG focuses on real estate, and Trust Square Service AG offers different venture services. Together they are operating and are managed as Trust Square. 

What does this mean for my investment in Modum?

Your investment remains unchanged, and you are now the holder of participation certificates of Trust Square Service AG.

What happens to AG?

The company AG (UUID CHE-432.725.569) is rebranded into Trust Square Service AG. 

I still own MOD tokens, what should I do?

You can swap your MOD tokens against USDT – read all about it below in the “Compensation” section.

What about the Roambee Acquisation?

In the Summer of 2021, Modum's temperature division was acquired by Roambee. Rebranding into Trust Square Service AG does not have any impact on the transaction.  Trust Square Service AG remains a minority shareholder of Roambee. 

Am I now a Participation Certificate holder in Trust Square?

You remain a Participation Holder of the same legal entity (UID CHE-432.725.569), which is now Trust Square Service AG. 

Can I sell my PC?

The Participation Certificates are not traded on a securities exchange. A private transfer of Participation Certificates and the registration of such transfer in Trust Square's register of participation certificates requires: 

a) compliance with Swiss law, and

b) express approval of Trust Square Service AG according to Trust Square’s Articles of Association. Please request the "Form of Sale and Purchase Agreement" through

Who can I get in touch with if I have a question regarding my MOD tokens?

Please reach out to the token app service desk

Will the Modum Webpage be shut down?

Since Modum is rebranded into Trust Square Service AG, the website will be shut down and forwarded to Trust Square.

What happens to my participation certificates?

You Participation Certificates are within the rebranded Trust Square Service AG and your participation rights remain unchanged.

Who can I get in touch with if I have a question regarding my Participation Certificates?

Please reach out to

Token History

In 2017, we created the MOD token and offered it to investors during Modum’s token sale from 1-22 September 2017, raising funds to further develop its products. 
The successful ICO allowed Modum to grow the team and the solution scope and to forge as strong community.

Two years after the ICO, the regulations around the different types of tokens changed, trading volumes dropped, resulting in an unsatisfactory situation for all stakeholders. Modum was forced to find a new solution for the future of the MOD token. After careful evaluation of options, the solution of offering a token swap was found.

In June 2020, the Board of Directors of AG signed off on the Token Swap proposal for its MOD tokenholders. The Token Swap offer included the possibility to opt for a monetary compensation per token or to swap against participation certificates with the addition of a guaranteed cash payout.

The official swap period ended in August 2020. Tokenholders who did not participate in the swap, can for the next ten years claim compensation for their MOD tokens -  as outlined below. 


Compensation for MOD


As announced on 30 October 2020, tokenholders can ask for compensation for their MOD tokens. 

In order to claim compensation for your MOD tokens, you need to self-onboard in the dedicated token app and send your tokens to your personal burn address. 

Compensation payments are made at least quarterly and in USDT. The compensation payment is set to USDT 0.24 per burned MOD token. You can read the full Token Terms directly in the app after successful ID verification. 


How to claim compensation:

As an iOS user, you can access the Token App via Testflight. First, download Testflight in the App Store. Then click on the Token App download link on your iPhone to install the app – and you are good to go. If you already have Testflight on your device, you can directly click on the Token App download link. 

Android users can download the Token App directly through the Google Play Store.

Before you get started, make sure that you have your passport/id card/driver’s license and your ERC20 wallet address ready. Then, follow the steps in the Token App. 

If you have any difficulties with the Token App, please reach out to  


Why do I have to go through a KYC?

The purpose of the KYC is to ensure that you are identified as the rightful owner of the MOD tokens and to meet the legal requirements.

Where can I download the app?

As an iOS user, you can download the Token App via Testflight. First, download Testflight in the App Store. Then click on the Token App download link on your iPhone to download it and you are good to go. If you already have Testflight on your device, you can directly click on the Token App download link.

If you need support, please open a service desk request.

Android users can download the Token App directly through the Google Play Store.

Where can I get support if the token app does not work?

If you have any have issues with the onboarding process or with the token app itself, please reach out to us via our token app service desk. Please sign up for the dedicated service desk (Jira), and then describe the issue you are facing. Make sure to include steps to reproduce the issue and add a description explaining the issue in more detail.

How do I get my payout?

Payouts are made to your personal ERC20 USDT address, which you will have to enter during the onboarding.

When do I receive the payment for my MOD compensation?

Your one-time compensation payment is made quarterly and is in USDT. When it is paid out depends on which quarterly payment sloth your compensation arrives. 

I did not receive the payment yet!

Please send you request to the dedicated service desk including: 
- your full name
- the amount of tokens you've sent
- your ERC20 USDT payback address

Why are you making the compensation payment in USDT?

The transfer is much easier and the correctness of the address is easily verifiable. Also, USDT is a standard ERC20 token and can be sent to any Ethereum address. It so solves the issue that not everyone has an IBAN for his bank account. 

How do I change my XCHF to CHF?

Instructions on how to change your XCHF to Fiat currency can be found on Aktionarat page.

Video instructions can be found here.

Participation Certificates

Participation certificates where offered during the MOD token swap in summer 2020. 

In February 2023 we have tokenised the participation certificates via Aktionariat. 

To access your participation certificates you will need to follow the instructions you will soon receive via email. 

If you have questions about your participation certificates, please reach out to us by email.


Where are my Participation Certificates?

Your Participation Certificates Register is managed via Aktionariat. You can tokenize your Participation Certificates and access them via Aktionariats App. Please refer to the "How to Access your Participation Certificates via Aktionariat" section below for more information 

Can I trade my Participation Certificates?

The Participation Certificates are not traded on a securities exchange. A private transfer of Participation Certificates and the registration of such transfer in Trust Square Services register of participation certificates requires: 

a) compliance with Swiss law, and
b) express approval of Trust Square Services according to Trust Square Service Articles of Association. 

Please request the "Form of Sale and Purchase Agreement" through the service desk.

How can I keep myself informed about the company progress?

Please sign up for the newsletter on our homepage to stay updated on the company's developments.

A dedicated website provides information and material from the general assembly to all participation holders. 

How do I claim the withholding tax on the dividend payment?

In order to be able to prevent double taxation and claim the withholding tax (WHT) your country needs to have a double taxation agreement with Switzerland > read more here. To claim the return of the withholding tax (WHT) you need the letter “Dividend Confirmation” you have received. If you haven't received it, please reach out to us. File your taxes following your local regulations or talk to your tax advisor.

How can I transfer my Participation Certificates to someone else (sell/gift)?

Transfers are only possible to whitelisted wallets. Furthermore, all transfers need be approved by the Board of the Directors to be final. If you already have an interested buyer or seller, please contact the Service Desk for further instructions.

Why does the Board of Directors have to approve every Participation Certificate Transfer?

The Trust Square Board of Directors must approve every transfer, no matter whether you sell your Participation Certificates or give them away for free. This process needs to be followed as for regulatory reasons the Participation Certificates have restricted transferability. (German “Vinkulierung”)

I do not see Trust Square AG in the Asset List

If you encounter this issue, the problem might be that you need to use the same email you initially used when signing up for Aktionarat.

I want to sell my Participation Certificates; how can I find a buyer?

We cannot engage in any market making activity and therefore help in finding a buyer.

I want to buy Participation Certificates, where can I find a seller?

We cannot engage in any market making activity and therefore help in finding a seller.

How much is a Participation Certificate worth?

It is your responsibility to agree on a price, there is no official price recommendation.

So what does the Participation Certificate Value shown in the Aktionariat App reflect?

Since Trust Square Service AG currently has no market valuation, the nominal value of 0 was used as the price for the participation certificate. The displayed ''Market Cap'' in the app under the ''Analytics'' field is therefore based on the outstanding participation certificates (number: 2'743'000) x 0 CHF. It, therefore, reflects neither the market value of the participation capital nor of the entire Trust Square Service AG.

Are there any nationalities or countries that are excluded from selling/buying Participation Certificates?

Yes, the same countries that were excluded from participating in the ICO and from participating in the swap to Participation Certificates are excluded/restricted from ownership of Trust Square Services participation certificates.

Excluded: Residents or Nationals of the United States of America or otherwise qualify as U.S. Person / Residents of the People’s Republic of China / Residents of an embargo jurisdiction such as Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Mali, Myanmar (Burma), North Korea, Somalia, Southern Sudan, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

Restrictions apply to: Residents of the United Kingdom, Residents of Singapore, Residents of Canada, Residents of Hong Kong, Residents of Japan, Residents of the Russian Federation, Residents of India, Residents of Taiwan, Residents of South Korea

See the Token Swap Terms (in the Token Swap App) for details.

Can I expect some dividends for 202X?

The Annual General Meeting always take places in the first half of the year. There is decided if there will be the dividends payout. All Participation Certificate Holders are informed about the relevant conclusions of this meeting via

How to Access your Participation Certificates via Aktionariat 

As the holder, you are registered in the Trust Square Services participation certificate register, and you can tokenise your certificate. To do this, please take the following steps:
  1. Download the Aktionariat App from Apple Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Register an account with the same email address provided during the swap: Video instructions English / Video instructions German
  3. Find the Trust Square Service AG entry in the Portfolio --> you should see your (un-tokenised) Participation Certificates
  4. Request Tokenisation --> See video
  5. If all information is correct, your wallet will be whitelisted and your Participation Certificates will be tokenised within 72 hours
By tokenising your shares you agree to the Registration Agreement.

 Please pay attention that in the App:
  • The position is marked as ''Share", the Participation Certificates belong to the 'sub-category' Non-Voting Shares
  • The nominal value of 0.01 is used as the price for the Participation Certificates. This neither reflects the market value of the participation capital nor of the entire Trust Square Service AG